Art From France

Haute Couture transposed into table arts
In the field of INTERIOR DESIGN, table Art is omnipresent. Whether it is for you alone or with family or friends, a beautiful plate or porcelain service made for you only brings to your table the originality of a single object. The décor will be created in accordance with your needs and taste. Our common imagination has no limits.The colors are a mixture of pigments and medium. During the baking process, at temperatures above1472 °F, they penetrate the porcelain enamel and vitrify.

I also use clay to create dishes, decoration objects,tiles and Ollas. The work of ceramics gives me a special relationship with nature and earth, transforming clay with my hands into an object is a fascinating experience.
Each of these realizations is unique and I hope you will love them as much as I do.

We can create exclusive and personalized models for you. You can see some examples below.